About us

About us

Life pods have been helping customers improve their homes for 20 years, we will help with most aspects of your home improvement plan from decking to repairing a lock.

What We Do?

Life pods provide bespoke solutions for your home or company.

Where Life Pods came from.

How much of your garden do you actually use? How often? This was the question we asked ourselves one day when I was trying to complete work on the kitchen table whilst my daughter was singing and hand painting, however cute it was to watch her, it did not help me get my work done or keep it tidy! This was when I had the idea of building my office outside.

Don’t get me wrong I love trees and greenery; however when we don’t use the entire garden because of the neighbours hedge. The hedge is really tall, which means that in the summer nothing grows for about 8 to 10 foot along the hedge line, not even grass because it’s too dark to grow a consistent lawn. It’s a pointless unattractive area which to be fair could be used for a better purpose, which gave me the idea of building my office down there.

When I suggested the idea to my wife, she agreed with the idea in principle, she said it was time to improve the garden anyway and actually use it (we had not really done anything with it since we moved in).  She wanted some decking or something to sunbathe on. My wife is also into her fitness she likes to go to the gym, take classes in aerobics and ballet. She said that she would like a space to do Yoga or Ballet or whatever fitness she feels like doing rather than being governed by what sessions the gym is currently running; she also has to drive up to 30 minutes to get to the gym class and then the same time getting back home.  This means for an hour’s class she is gone for nearly two hours, which in turn meant she did not have the time to go. Wasting her gym membership every month.

We have the compulsory cross trainer in the front room (who doesn’t?) which to be fair does get used. However it has to be pulled out from the corner when she wants to use it. I suggested that as I would have to build the office anyway I could extend  it with another ‘pod’ which I called the ‘dance studio’.

This idea kept growing until we had an outside covered area with a hot tub, a play house for our daughter which has hopefully been future proofed to allow her to study in there as well has have sleepovers, when she wants. (Noisy kids in the garden rather than the house suits me just fine).

Several friends have asked me to build them decks or workshops after seeing what I can do. The rest they say is history.

Work Team

Here at Life pods we use a team of highly qualified individuals who have been working in their field of expertise for years. We will always make sure that the work completed by a confident professional person. If we cannot complete the work in house we will supply you with the details of companies we use to help us on bigger projects. That way you know they can be trusted.

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